Presstick 800 is the most advanced water based PU formulation. It is a readymade mixture with encapsulated ISOCYANATE, sprayable providing a good and even film formation. It has a low activation temperature, a very strong initial tack, very nice wetting properties and smooth mirror surface which are perfect for high gloss foils. When using the Presstick 800 1 component you achieve the best results in bonding the most fashionable and advanced high gloss foils onto flat and 3D MDF.

In a design environment where a far greater percentage of contact points between the PVC foil and its underlying MDF base take place on curves and dips rather than flat surfaces, and more and more soft sensitive foils (high gloss) turn to be a trendy design, five conditions must exist simultaneously:

Only one product (one component), homogenous, no mixing, no need to weigh or pot life to observe.

  • Low activation temperature for heat sensitive lamination foils
  • Nice and smooth surface for high gloss finishes
  • Excellent heat resistance to prevent delaminating in hot conditions
  • Long-lasting adhesion for enduring product fidelity
  • High initial bond strength for high production throughput

low activation temperatures

Added Value