Presstick 256

Presstick 256


  • Presstick 256 is a special adhesive based on PU dispersion. Excellent for the adhesion of PVC, PP, PET, ABS foils onto MDF using membrane/vacuum press application.
  • Presstick 256 has a very high initial tack.
  • Presstick 256 is an economical solution for 3D laminating technology.
  • Can be used as 2K with the addition of 3-7 % Isocyanat hardener (Presstick Hardener 100).
  • High heat resistance.


  • 18/20k”g buckets, 20/22 k”g jerrycans, 1,100 k”g IBC.The adhesive should be sprayed, by a spraying gun with a nozzle diameter of 1 – 2 mm.
  • It is recommended to apply 2 layers on the Edges.
  • Adhesive must be fully dried after spraying and before activation.
  • Adhesive should be filtered and mixed properly before use.
Solid Content 42 ± 1%
Viscosity at 23°C (Brookfield RVT 20 rpm/spindle 2) 1,200 cps (±200)
Density (g/cm³) 1.05 (± 0.01)
pH Approx. 7
Coverage 60-120 gr/m²
Form white liquid
Min. Film Forming Temperature 7°C
Min. Activation Temperature 60°C
Storage Stability 8 months from shipment day if stored at 23°C in the original sealed containers.
Temperature above 30°C must be avoided.
The product is sensitive to frost and should not be kept at temperatures lower than 5°C.
Packing* 18/20k"g buckets, 20/22 k"g jerrycans, 1000 k"g IBC.


This information presented here is based on the best data available and is believed to be correct. However nothing stated in this bulletin is to be taken as a warranty, expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of the information or the use of the product.